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Why do cold faucets get wild with Hot water?

It is not unusual to have hot water emerge from a chilly tap. Waiting for the water to turn cold is the typical homeowner’s response, but it doesn’t always cooperate. It can only be a small problem if warm water is pouring out of the cold side of your faucet. It is crucial to look into the matter right away because it may potentially be an indication of a more serious underlying condition. Municipal water sources are getting overheated due to the rising temperatures before being piped into your home. Instead of worrying about why hot water is gushing out of a chilly tap, do something else. Find the root of the issue and seek professional faucet repair and replacement services assistance. This blog might be helpful if you’re wondering why hot water is flowing out of your cold tap during the summer or why you don’t have any cold water. 

Here are some facts to think about, even though you should consult a specialist to have the problem thoroughly checked.

Location of Pipes

Your plumbing placement may be the cause of hot water emanating from a cold tap. Your hot and cold water pipes might affect the temperature in the opposite pipe if they run parallel to each other up to the sink faucet. As a result, you can feel the cold water to be hotter and the hot water to be colder. 

This is a typical plumbing problem. The water within warms as a result of the hot water line gradually heating the cold-water pipe. Furthermore, heated water may come out of the cold side of your faucet if the water heater in your house is situated too close to the pipes that deliver cold water.

Water Expansion Tank Valves

A functioning valve in water expansion tanks reduces water pressure as needed. If your sink’s cold tap is producing hot water, there may be a malfunctioning operating valve. If the operating valve is damaged or broken, replace it to avoid this problem.

Faucet Cartridge Issues

The majority of sinks have a cartridge that directs the water flow. One of two things may occur if this cartridge malfunctions or breaks. The cold water line in your house may allow the passage of warm water. Furthermore, this problem may result in your faucet just drawing water from the hot water line. A certified plumber can assist you in replacing a broken faucet cartridge in your home.

Pipes’ Proximity

Plumbing frequently has to squeeze into small spaces. Consequently, it is typical for the hot and cold water lines to travel in parallel and near one another before ending at the faucet. The cold-water line, however, may be impacted by the hot water pipe’s heat if they are too close together.

Heat Transfer for Ventilation Ducts

Your ventilation ducts’ metal surfaces may feel warm to the touch as a result of your forced-air heating system. If your cold-water pipe is near or in contact with the ducting, some of that heat may seep into it.

Buildup or Corrosion in Pipes

These conditions can happen to pipes over time and change the temperature of the water that comes out of your taps. The reason why warm water is flowing from your cold tap may be due to outdated or damaged pipes. In this instance, fixing the problem could require replacing the impacted pipes.

Problems with the Water Heater 

Warm water coming from the cold faucet may be a sign that your water heater is having trouble. If you use a tankless water heater—which warms water only when needed—this rule is extremely applicable to you. Warm water may enter the cold pipe if your heater isn’t operating correctly. It’s crucial to get your water heater evaluated and fixed by a trained expert if you think there may be a problem.

Faulty Thermostats

Get ready for a rush of hot water if the immersion heater’s thermostat is malfunctioning or completely damaged! In actuality, the hot water will get overheated and finally overflow into the cold-water faucet. As a result of the temperature variations, all of the stored water that is ready for use will emerge heated.

Ways To Fix Hot Water from A Cold Tap

The plumbing in your house is a complex system that is best left to the experts. Keep this in mind before attempting to fix hot water flowing out of the cold tap on your own. When someone does a do-it-yourself plumbing repair without the required knowledge or competence, the problem may get worse. Hire some professionals for faucet repair and replacement services.

The repair for hot water flowing from a cold tap varies depending on what’s causing the issue. The following are several fixes for hot water flowing from a cold tap:

  • Put insulation in the attic of your house.
  • Use a radiant barrier to wrap your water lines.
  • Enjoy the cold water from your icy tap.

Your problem of hot water coming from a cold tap has an easy fix: Put insulation in your attic and use SRX (the finest water pipe wrap) or radiant barrier material to wrap your pipes. Your water will get cooler if you install one of these choices, but doing so will only fully resolve the issue.

There is no other option but to replace your water lines, which is significantly more costly than adding attic insulation and a small amount of water line wrap.

Additionally, adding an SRX radiant barrier to your attic’s insulation will ensure a 50% reduction! The primary source of heat in your house is your attic. The majority of homes’ attics are under-insulated, which makes it difficult for them to cool their houses effectively. Make sure to enquire about how a radiant barrier might reduce your power costs. Who would have guessed that you could save so much money by chilling down your water?


Sometimes the pipes of hot and cold water are not connected properly which causes hot water to flow from the cold faucet. It could be a severe issue in more tropical months so you need to Hire a professional plumber who can have a look and fix the issue. They have the expertise and equipment to carry out the job well. This will ensure that you have the right temperatures flowing from the faucets and also it will keep the hot and cold waters in the place where they belong. Stay cool and say goodbye to the heatwave from your cold faucet.



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